Oil Pulling Instructions

Choose the right type of oil

Believe it or not, you won’t be buying your oil from a pharmacist or drugstore – you’ll be going to a well-stocked supermarket or somewhere online such as Amazon. The type of oil that you need for oil pulling is exactly the same as what you would normally cook with.

However – it’s important to choose a particular type of oil – and that is unrefined, virgin or extra-virgin. Basically you need to make sure you’re not buying something that’s been refined with chemicals, so avoid non-descript labels such as ‘Own Brand Olive Oil’ or ‘Pure Sesame Oil’ and choose one that specifically states ‘unrefined’ or ‘virgin’.

Virgin means the oil has been pressed naturally.  Any batches that don’t pass quality checks are then ‘refined’ to remove unwanted acidity and toxicity through an industrial chemical filtering process. This refined oil is of such poor quality that you really should avoid the risk of ingestion.


Oil pulling will bore you senseless if that’s the only thing you intend on doing for 15 minutes, so think carefully about how you can work the task into your normal daily routine. For example, many people do this while in the shower, when applying make-up or reading the paper. By coupling it with something you do every day it will become part of your routine without you realising and you’ll seeing the full benefits of oil pulling in no time.

Oil Pulling Instructions

  1. Begin by putting 1 tablespoon (3-4 teaspoons) of your chosen oil into your mouth.
  2. Hunch the back of your tongue toward the top of your throat creating a barrier and swish the oil around in your mouth, taking care not to swallow any. Work the oil between your teeth and around your mouth and gums as much as possible.
  3. Continue this for 15-20 minutes. You can stop swishing for a few moments if you get tired and need a small rest. This length of time allows the oil to break through any plaque and trap the bacteria. Don’t be surprised when the oil turns into a thin, whitish colored liquid. It will thicken again, becoming clearer as it mixes with saliva and absorbs toxins.
  4. Once you’ve noticed the consistency change (usually after 15-20 minutes), you’ll need to get rid of it but don’t swallow as it now contains bacteria and toxins. Also, don’t spit it out down the plug hole or flush it down the toilet – this is OIL and you should dispose of it in the same way as your waste kitchen oil. Some people use a jar, others into the bin. It really is your own personal preference but please think of others when it comes to hygiene.
  5. You should rinse your mouth out thoroughly using either a weak salt water solution or your normal mouthwash. Some people even use apple cider vinegar for this. Rinse again with water and brush your teeth as normal. You’ll now be smiling at yourself in the mirror.

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