Coconut Oil Pulling

Why is coconut oil pulling so popular?

Raw coconut oil is probably the most widely used oil in oil pulling for several reasons. Coconut oil pulling is often preferred due to the pleasant taste and lasting freshness left by the product, as well as having some unique antibacterial properties due to containing the highest concentration of Lauric Acid you’ll find outside of breast milk.

How do I perform coconut oil pulling?

At room temperature, coconut oil isn’t fluid like normal cooking oil. It takes the form of a solid, and therefore needs to be treated slightly differently when performing the therapy.

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

• If your coconut oil is in flake form, the most common method is to place a tablespoon full underneath your tongue, and the flakes will start to turn into liquid form within a few seconds. Once there are no flakes left, you can undertake coconut oil pulling in accordance with the normal instructions for oil pulling.
• If your coconut oil is in solid block form, similar to shea butter, then you may want to warm the container up slightly before dispensing. It might be a good idea to keep this by the shower, so within a couple of minutes the oil should be a lot softer or even fluid, at which point you can begin oil pulling.

Recommended Coconut Oil

There are a lot of coconut oils available so if you don’t enjoy one, keep looking because you’re sure to find another that suits your palate more. You need to be looking out for the word ‘raw’ because this means it isn’t fractionated, which is when the valuable fatty acids such as Lauric Acid have been extracted for medicinal purposes. Biona Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is available on Amazon and looking at the reviews, this is one of the most favoured options.

“I use this for “oil pulling” the taste is great and I know its doing me a world of good.” – Candace

“I use it in oil pulling (for teeth and gums). I’ve only tried one other coconut oil and much prefer the flavour of this one.” – pineapple

“This is an excellent product, great flavour, I realises now just how important it is that the product is Raw. The heat treated oil I have had in the past was horrible, and it was impossible to use the oil for ‘oil pulling’. Using the oil for ‘oil pulling’ 3 times a day transformed my gums in days – now all pink and healthy. I am just amazed at the health benefits of using coconut oil.” – Liz

“I also use it for oil pulling, which has improved my gum health enormously. Coconut oil has amazing healing properties if you get a kosha oil and this one is.” – MI


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